Saturday, December 31, 2011

Potamotrygon "falkneri"

the (Hyper-)Trophy Wife!!!!

Crenicichla spec. "Botox": The "Botox Pike", the most extreme hypertrophied lips ever seen on a South American cichlid. More pronounced than the similar Crenicichla tendybaguassu!! Thank you to Mark Smith for pointing out that this fish has also been called tendyguassu by some people, hopefully we can drop this pseudoscientific name for the much funnier sp. "Botox".

First pictures of the Real Potamotrygon schuhmacheri?

Rinelepis adspera and Gymnogeophagus balzani

Crenicicha hu, mandelburgeri, iguassuensis, minuano, missioneira, tendybaguassu, vittata, and gaucho arrive